Grant Priorities:


Per our mission statement, we serve and support non-profit organizations in Columbia Station and surrounding areas.

Grant Eligibility:


We can only award grants to tax-exempt organizations classified as 501© by the IRS.

How to Apply for a Grant:


Grant application must be filled out completely and accompanied by any requested, forms, financial statements or other supporting documents requested by The Columbia Community Foundation. Grant application link is below.

Grant Deadlines


We accept, review and award grants on a monthly basis. In some circumstances, The Columbia Community Foundation may review grant applications more quickly, but this cannot be guaranteed. Once reviewed by Columbia Community Foundation, you’ll be notified of your grant approval or denial within 3-4 weeks or sooner.

Grant Policies:


Grant Requests for amounts of $5,000 or greater will require a semi-annual (or mid-year grant update) report to be filed with The Columbia Community Foundation. Grant report link is below. This is to ensure that monies granted are being used for said project.

If a grant is awarded, any money given MUST be used for approved reason or RETURNED to The Columbia Community Foundation. Occasionally, grant recipients may be contacted or visited by members of The Columbia Community Foundation to ensure the grant award project or activity is complete as assured in grant application. Grant awards over $25,000 will require BOTH a mid-year and a FINAL Grant Report to be filed with The Columbia Community Foundation. You can download the Mid-Year Grant report and the Final Grant Report below.

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