2024 Scholarship Recipients Announced
May 18, 2024
By Columbia Community Foundation

The Columbia Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2024 recipients of our annual
scholarship awards. These selected students have demonstrated excellence in academics,
leadership and community service. We are honored to help contribute to their higher
educational goals.

The scholarship recipients are:

CCF Gold Scholarship – $5,000: Elise Champagne

CCF Silver Scholarship – $4,000: Marco Cirigliano

CCF Bronze Scholarship – $3,500: Delaney Friscone

CCF Scholarship – $2,500: Angelina Ibarra

Dr. Donald Hagen Memorial Scholarship – $3,000: Liliana Hritz

Seaway Bolt STEM Scholarship – $3,000: Elise Champagne

Wayne and Debbie Brassell Family Scholarship – $3,000: Rachel Bledsoe

Emerald Woods Development Scholarship – $3,000: Seth Roberts

Lucille McClellan Memorial Scholarship – $2,500: Elise Champagne


Congratulations to all the recipients and we thank all of the students who applied.
*The Columbia Community Board Members reviewed all of the submissions. Board Members
Jason Friscone and Laura Cirigliano-Bosworth were not part of the review or award process.